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Thinner and lighter

Advanced lens technology and higher density materials

benefit all prescriptions in producing thinner and lighter

lenses resulting in increased comfort.


Anti–reflection coatings

This coating has many advantages including:

reduction of glare from oncoming headlights while driving

at night

more transparent spectacle lenses as a result of less light

reflection off the lens surface

less glare from computer screens which increases comfort

and reduces asthenopic symptoms


Scratch resistant coating

This hard coating is to increase durability and minimise the

build up of scratches.


Photochromic Lenses

Light sensitive lenses allow complete convenience as

they darken in the sun and lighten indoors providing

full UV protection.

Available in a choice of grey or brown tint, they are an ideal

solution for those who are sensitive to glare.


Polarised lenses

These lenses are designed to increase comfort by eliminating

glare produced as a result of reflections from bright surfaces

eg. Wet roads, car windscreens, water and snow. They are

perfect for all water sports and skiing. Polarised lenses offer

full UV protection and are available in single vision, bifocal

and varifocal form.

Lens Technology